Flamingos Golf Club is one of the most renowned golf courses in the area. It is located at the spectacular Banderas Bay, 5 minutes away from Nuevo Vallarta, and it offers a different option for enjoying a magnificent game surrounded by a gorgeous natural environs.

This golf course has the special feature of being situated around natural mangroves as well as an array of bird species, fruit trees and the possibility of admiring the local fauna in its habitat.

Flamingos golf course has been designed by Percy Clifford, who has brilliantly created its 18 fairways surrounded by a stunning tropical jungle landscape. Our 18 holes are not only a great challenge for the most experienced golfer, it is also an excellent alternative for having a lot of entertainment and the privilege of being in touch with nature.

Bunkers, lakes and narrow fairways, strategic placed entrances to the greens and the contrasts with its noble tees make of this golf course a world-class golf experience. Without any doubt this is a great place where beyond the game and its spectacular design you’ll enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, you can breathe the most pure air and admire beautiful species in its natural environs.




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